Customize 3D MP3 Sound

MP3 Sound Cutter
cut mp3/wav segment from big MP3/WAV file.
It makes Windows programs use separate volume controls.
GerixSoft, Ltd.
Power Mp3 Cutter (Mp3 Sound Cutter)
Application to cut sound files in MP3 and WAV formats.
CoolSoft Inc.

Customize 3D MP3 Sound

MP3 Sound Stream
MP3 Sound Stream makes high quality 56K streaming audio from MP3 or WAV files. Select a file and it......
MP3 Sound Stream
3D MP3 Sound Recorder
create/record digital audio files.
TongSoft Inc.
Free MP3 Sound Recorder
Record sound from microphone, sound card, internet streaming audio to MP3 file.
NB Software Development
Easy MP3 Sound Recorder
With MP3 Sound Recorder you can record from sound card with MP3 format.
3D MP3 Sound Recorder G2
Allows you to record the real-time audio stream from the sound card.
Informatique Tongsoft, Inc
007 MP3 Sound Recorder
Program intended to record sounds.
Donar MP3 Recorder
Modern sound recorder which captures sound in real-time.
Sound Recorder Pro
Sound Recorder Pro - Record any sound into wav and Mp3 format.
Sound Recorder Pro Co., Ltd
Cooolsoft MP3 Sound Cutter 汉化版
Stardock Corporation

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Customize 3D MP3 Sound

Auvisoft MP3 Recorder
It records sound from any source like sound card, microphone.
Auvisoft, Inc.
FreeView Sound
It turns a PC into a data logger, a chart recorder and spectrum analyzer.
Team Solutions
Aare MP3 Sound Recorder
Aare MP3 Sound Recorder directly records any sound to wav or mp3 file.
3D MP3 Sound Recorder DS
TongSoft Inc.
Audio MP3 Sound Recorder
It records audio streaming through sound card into audio formats MP3 or WAV file.
Audiokinetic Wwise
It is a feature-rich interactive sound engine for games.
Audiokinetic Inc.
Dolby Advanced Audio V2 User Interface Driver for Windows 7
It enables you to easily access and see the Dolby application features.
Dolby Laboratories Inc
Digital Sound Factory Sound Sound Effects
Digital Sound Factory
Free MP3 Player
Program which allows you to play mp3 files.
Media Freeware
DMGAudio Dualism
Complete toolkit for stereo work.