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DS Clock
FREE digital desktop clock that displays variable date and time.
Duality Software
Make complete drum musical arrangements with this program.
3DGreetings Personal Edition
Customize 3D greetings.
3DGreetings Inc.

Customize My Sound for

WaveMax Sound Editor
This is a full-featured audio editing and mastering tool for popular formats.
NITBits Inc.
Platypus II
Wonderful shooting game in which you fly a spaceship.
Citric games
Very interesting and highly customizable BitTorrent client.
My Spider
Create your own Spider Games with this Spider Game Studio.
Zonora Technologies
Spring Lake 3D Screensaver
Wonderful screensaver.
Bit Wise Publishing
Internet Notification
Free tool for internet connection detection.
Petio Tonev
DelMar Alarm Clock
Unlike most alarm clock programs that include excessive unrelated features.
DelMar Information Technologies
iZotope OzoneMP Demo for Winamp3
It adds warmth, bass, sparkle and an overall desirable sound to your MP3s.
iZotope, Inc.
Tassman MTM Edition
Tassman is a rich modular sound synthesis environment based on physical modeling.
Applied Acoustics Systems DVM Inc.

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Customize My Sound for

3D Dungeon Halloween Screensaver
Get into the Halloween spirit.
AQ MTS Video Converter
It converts MTS, M2TS,TS to various videos with good sound and image quality.
AQsoft Studio
Real Sound Lab CONEQ™ Workshop
This software gives the user full control of the CONEQ™ measurement process.
Real sound lab
Dany's Virtual Drum
Danys Virtual Drum is a software with realistic drum simulator.
Free Alarm Clock
It's a free, full-featured and user-friendly alarm clock.
Comfort Software Group
EarCatch Ringtone Express
It is a program that allows you to make ringtones from any sound.
meMedia Inc.
The T-Pain Effect
Use it for customize the sound and adjust the intensity.
iZotope, Inc.
Freeware drum simulator software for pc.
Daniele Franceschini
Sound BlasterAxx
An utility that allows you to configure your Sound BlasterAxx product.
Creative Technology Ltd.
Alienware Evolution
It is a free Windows 7 theme that allows you to customize your computer look.
Mr Blade Designs